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Finding the Best Family Holiday

As a mum and self proclaimed adventurer, people often ask me what are the best kind of family activity holidays. You may wonder the same thing yourself. When you have very young children, it’s often very tempting to stay at home, as the children are too young to remember the experience and you will be too tired. When you have older children, they tend to be more interested in their games consoles, phones and laptops to make the prospect of sunlight seem appealing. But never fear, the perfect family adventure is out there. Simply follow my advice:

Travel with young children.

Any travel with babies or toddlers is an adventure. Whether you’re playing in the garden, driving them to nursery (the cries of my youngest were epic whenever we turned the corner to the local playgroup) or visiting a friend, you can feel like you’ve been through the stressful Heathrow experience without having to pay for the flight. So why bother travelling at all? Well, it can in fact be very relaxing to take a bit of time out from your usual routine. Honest. Don’t worry about going anywhere too exotic (unless you have family abroad, in which case use them wholeheartedly – they’ll be delighted to see the little one too!) but a trip to the seaside, a cottage in the country or a visit to a local farm can be the perfect getaway from the drudgery of feeding, changing nappies and snatching whatever sleep you can.

Adventurous travel

Children are probably at their most appreciative pre-teen. When you’re ten the world seems like a wonderful place to be explored and it’s your chance to show it to them! The typical destination that invites wide eyed wonder is Disney World but if I were you, I’d consider an African safari as the perfect treat! Almost every child I know loves animals and the majestic creatures of the Lion beat hands down Florida’s park.

Teens travel

Throw away the video games and step away from the TV / computer / mobile phone screen! Teens may take a lot to impress but get it right and you’ll never see that moody face again (at least for the duration of the two week trip!). Do something active or exciting, trek to Everest Base camp if they’re older or go on an African safari in Botswana.

Above all, treat your kids to family activity holidays and they will never forget it!

Planning a Family Adventure in Singapore

Finding day trips, vacations, and fun activities that the entire family can enjoy together might be difficult at times. If you have smaller children in the family, they are not always suitable for the things older children and adults would like to do. Teenagers may turn their noses up at virtually any vacation idea that the parents come up with. If you have grandparents that want to be involved, they may have health conditions that can limit what they are able to do and at what pace they may be able to do certain things.

The solution is to find a variety of fun activities that are suitable for most members of the family. This way, you can ensure that everyone has something fun that they can participate in over the course of the day trip or vacation. Following are just a few things available for families in Singapore. Do you think they could get members of your family excited?

Indoor Wall Climbing at Paya Lebar

Indoor wall climbing is suitable to all members of the family because there are walls at all skill levels. There are walls for children to race around on and then larger walls that would challenge even a professional climber. Adults can choose their wall depending on their skill level, or just hang out with the kids and enjoy the easier walls as a family.

Climbing is a great activity to keep children active when the weather is not well suited to sunbathing or playing in the water. The walls are indoors at Pay Lebar, so you can get everyone moving and build up excitement to see who can go the furthest or up the most challenging wall. Take a break for lunch and then go back for more climbing, or just make this an afternoon activity followed by other adventures.

Tour Sentosa Beaches on Segways

There are two beaches to be explored on this island, and it only takes about a half hour to hop on segways and tour one or the other. There are also some dedicated segway courses that allow beginning riders to learn the ropes of segway adventures.

This is a great activity to turn into a day trip with the family. You can spend time off the segways romping on the beach, swimming, or building castles. There are areas for water sports, sand volleyball, and other sporting activities as well. Stopping for lunch is also an option, before returning on the segways to end the day trip.

Water Sports at Punggol Marina

There is a designated area in this marina just for water sports. You can take the family out in a banana boat for a bit of relaxation or take it up a notch and let the older kids enjoy wakeboarding or water skiing. There is always knee boarding for those who cannot safely stand upright on the water boards or water skis. You can rent a motorboat for a couple hours to take the adults and older kids out for any variety of sports on the water.

Of course, younger members of the family can enjoy the beach or grab a bite to eat while the older ones head out for water sports. This marina is a great place to spend a weekend or just a day.
There are many other things to do in Singapore, but it might be nice just to explore the streets and local restaurants as well. Get creative, and every member of the family will have a blast.