Amazing Raw Dog Food Diet Nutrition

We absolutely love our dogs! If you don’t have any kids then dogs can be an amazing substitute and if you do have a family, you already know the tremendous benefits that the family dog can bring!

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to want your favourite furry friend to be well looked after, feeling healthy and energetic with and a bright and shiny coat, and of course you want them to be with you as a crucial part of the family for as long as happily possible! When it comes to addressing those factors, putting your dog on a raw dog food diet is one of the best decisions you can make in ensuring he or she gets the best nutrition possible.

Basically, a raw dog food diet is food in its natural state which allows it to provide the correct nutrients that are all important for your dogs’ health. When given in the correct portions, a raw dog food diet provides optimum nutrition ensuring your dog is healthier for longer. It is a great diet for all dogs including puppies, adult dogs, pregnant dogs, dogs with diseases – pretty much for all dogs that need to maintain good health!

Bu what exactly makes up the right raw dog food diet that contains enough of the proper nutrients? For a start, obviously plenty of raw meats and big juicy raw meaty bones! Dogs get plenty of protein from the raw meats which are important for a pooch’s immune system and overall health. Thanks to the meaty bones, your dog gets heaps of calcium and phosphorus. These two important minerals helps keep your dogs bones strong and healthy as well as assisting pregnant dogs help build strong puppies.

It’s not all meat but, like any balanced diet there should also be plenty of raw vegetables and fruit. Vegetables will give your dog essential vitamins A; B, C as well as K which helps keep eyesight in good condition as well as other sensory organs. A raw dog food diet also gets a lot of fiber from vegetables which also assist in your dogs’ digestive system.

Fiber is crucial to a dogs health as it helps flush out toxins from their body quickly and efficiently through regular bowel movements. Good levels of fiber also do the groundwork for the digestive system, getting it ready and in the most optimal state for its next meal.

Still, there are two more foods that you really should include in your raw dog food diet – fruit and liver!

Liver is full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients such as b12, zinc, iron and omega 3 fatty acids that all contribute to helping your dog maintain strength as well as keeping its body lean and at the correct weight.

Fruit on the other hand supplies your dog with good levels of vitamin C which helps the immune system to function at the optimum level. Free radicals are blamed for causing cancer and advancing the signs of aging. The good news for your dog is that by feeding them plenty of anti-oxidant containing fruits such as berries; these conditions can be slowed and or prevented.

The correctly prepared raw dog food diet provides your dog with all the vitamins and minerals it needs for every stage of life. Furthermore, when fed in the right proportions, you won’t need to worry about giving your dogs’ vitamin supplements or any other health additives – apart from love of course!

But how do you know if you are doing everything right? The right combinations? The right volumes? How can you tell if your dog is thriving on a raw dog food diet or actually suffering ill affects?

Although it might sound easy and all you have to do in theory is just give your dog raw food to eat, it is not quite as simple as that! J Portion control is very important and also there are plenty of raw foods that won’t produce the desired effects.

Putting your dog on a raw food diet can also cause some interesting side affects especially when you first start so it makes sense to do your homework before you rush out and get started!

Make Your Geneva Trip Memorable

Switzerland is said to be a paradise on earth. It is not the sole reason, but its breathtaking countryside is a start; complemented with its striking tourist facilities and its mind blowing nightlife. Geneva is renowned for the Geneva Convention, its diplomacy and the UN international cooperation center with New York. It is the world’s eighth most important financial center but from a tourist perspective, it’s even more important. Geneva is surrounded by Lake Geneva. The view of the Alps and Jura mountains contribute in the ultimate calmness in its environment. The atmosphere and climate is perfect for any season and a perfect city to spend your time and vacations with your beloved ones. The airport is about 3 miles away from the city center where you can easily find a hotel, but it is a much better idea to reserve a room prior to your departure.

Geneva is not a big city. It’s a beautiful place with many locations to visit. Once you are done with Geneva, it is a wonderful idea to explore Switzerland. Start exploring the area from Lausanne; which is surly a place which can’t be missed during a tour in Switzerland. Rent a car from Geneva and drive yourself to Lausanne which is 40 minutes away from the center of Geneva. This is a beautiful city with many places to walk around. The old town is abounded with old mansion for everyone to see. The Gothic Cathédrale of Notre-Dame, with its carved choir stalls, 13th century rose windows, and many other historical architectures are not to be overlooked. The Olympic Museum, the Musée de l’Elysée, and the Lausanne Vivarium are some of the other famous places to visit in Lausanne. Even if time is scarce, you can’t afford to miss any of these sites.

Next to Geneva, only about an hour drive, there is a small French town named Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Also, La Givrine, Lyon and a few other cities are very close by and if there is time left on you trip, you can visit them as well. This is all possible once you rent a car from Geneva. Traveling all of these cities via public transport is never a good idea. It may save a few dollars but you have to compromise your privacy and work on the public transportation’s time schedule. Switzerland is a wonderful place for a honeymoon. Rent a car from Geneva and see all the beautiful places that will set a romantic mood for you and your significant other. Your rented car will give you access to those places which cannot be covered by public transport. During your life, how many times will you visit Geneva? Therefore, when you are in Geneva, make sure that you do not miss any one of these wonderful locations.