Golf Swing Plane Tips – Do You Really Understand What This Means?

It is important to understand what the term ‘the plane of the swing’ actually means. These golf swing plane tips will help clarify this.

The plane of the swing refers to the angle that the club swings around your body. Obviously every golfer will have a different swing plane and this is determined by your stance. Where it becomes tricky is when you begin your swing because you are not in the right plane, and you must learn how to swing into it once you are halfway into your backswing.

These golf swing plane tips will give you an idea of how to accomplish this. The first tip is to place a quarter on your left shoe. As you play the shot, attempt to keep the coin there. This has all to do with your balance. If the coin falls to the inside of your foot, you have rolled your front foot whilst on the backswing. This indicates that you have transferred too much weight backwards.

If the coin happens to land in front of your foot, then you have lifted your foot too high off of the ground. This is an indication of too much weight being transferred onto your back foot.

If the coin falls to the outside of your foot, then you have rolled your foot too far towards the outside.

All of the above can be solved by working on your balance during your swing. Attempt to keep your balance even and finish with your weight over the arch of your leading foot.

Another good golf swing plane tips is learning how to cock your wrists when your swing is half way back. This is also called the hinge. What this entails is practicing to rotate your hands and forearms so you find the right plane. Perfecting the rotation of your left arm is the secret to building a good swing. You will end up with a swing which you can easily repeat as often as necessary.

Try out these tips:

1. Stand facing the ball normally.
2. Do not let your shoulders move, rotate your left forearm 45 degrees.
3. If done properly your body will have not moved.
4. As you turn your body to start the backswing, look at your clubface, it should be pointing towards the sky.
5. Your arms are ready to swing to the top of your golf swing plane.

When practicing, concentrate on not having too much tension in your stance and work at the speed of your backswing. Both of these can mean that your arms will either over rotate, or just not rotate enough.

By following these golf swing plane tips you can learn how to develop an effective golf swing plane. Nothing comes naturally in the game of golf; practice is the only way to develop the perfect swing.