Las Vegas Restaurants

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are visiting, you are always going to want to eat great food and experiment the local cuisine. And with Las Vegas, you get to visit restaurants with top chefs as well as a very ethnic variety of establishments from all over the globe.

Perhaps you prefer rustic looking places or modern elegant locations. The ambience and the food have a deeper link than most people believe. If you go to a jungle themed restaurant you don’t want to have someone serve you a slice of pizza, you probably want a nice steak or some pork ribs. So we are going to recommend the best places that are visually engaging and have great tasting food that matches the location.

If you are a straightforward lover of good meat and Pasta, we suggest you try out the Carnevino at the Palazzo. They prepare their cuts in a very special way that makes their beef a one of a kind experience. And the Italian food is also some of the best in the entire city.

Or you could be looking to mix two completely different cultures together, and for this we recommend the China Poblano restaurant. They have some of the best Chinese and Mexican chefs, and they serve their food with 100% accuracy to the original dishes served in both countries. The chef is usually preparing some of the food in a showcase kitchen for everyone to see. And the location is a weird mix of Chinese and Latin d├ęcor that is sure to make you feel like you are in the right place to eat from such a diverse menu.

Then you have the originality of the Jaleo Bar. They have the most diverse set of small dishes that are served to you in order to complete a full meal. They all have very different tastes and food combinations that are sure to make you want to come back and tell your friends about it. The unique way in which your food is served in little portions is just brilliant.

It could be spicy food you like, so we dare you to try all the levels of spice that Saipin Chutima has in store for you at her Thai Food Restaurant. You can be sure that if you want to try food from Thailand, you will probably not find a better place, with a more comfortable and elegant establishment.

If you want something ever fancier, you can try the Piccasso. In this restaurant you are actually going to be dinning next to original Piccasso paintings. They blend French and Spanish Cuisine into dishes that are truly outstanding in taste and presentation. And their selection of wine is well over one thousand in variety.

Maybe seafood is more suited for your taste, so look no further than American Fish.

This restaurant uses very traditional techniques to cook their food, from wood grilling to Salt Baking, they serve dishes that make you feel like you are trying these delicious varieties of fish the way they are meant to be tasted. The place looks like a 19th century lodge that makes you feel very welcome as soon as you step in it.

But there is also a simpler and much more affordable set of places that you can visit for a quick lunch while you are out shopping.

A good experience is to look for the Fuku Burger mobile truck. They have a schedule of locations on the internet. Or you could also try one of the many local hot dog, hamburger, and pizza stands that are scattered all over the city. Every style of food you might want can easily be found in the great city of Las Vegas.