How to Get More From a Basketball Camp This Summer

Regardless of skill level, all basketball players look at the summer as their chance to make the biggest improvements in their game.

The summer is when you get to work on skills, techniques, and aspects of your game that you don’t get a chance to during the season, and players do so by either working out in the gym or driveway, playing on a traveling team or in pick up games, or by attending a basketball camp.

If you are attending a basketball camp however, you need to make sure that you make the most of your experience, because not all camps are created equal. Here are some ways to think about so that you can get the most benefit from your basketball camp experience this summer.

1) Exposure vs. Development

Some basketball camps cater to players who are looking to get noticed by college coaches (think Five Star, Nike), while others focus on developing skills (think Point Guard College, Hoop Group). There are benefits for either approach, but just be honest with yourself about your goals going in. Are you looking to get noticed, or are you looking to get better?

2) On Court vs. Off Court Development:

Not every basketball camp approaches skill development the same way. Some spend all of their time on the court doing drills or playing games, while others spend time developing players with the use of video analysis, leadership training, and breaking down basketball related concepts in the classroom. You can usually get a preview of the basketball camp weekly schedule, so make sure you ask for it up front and see exactly what they offer.

With so much of the game being mental, it’s important to consider the value of spending time learning how to think the game, and not just play it. So make sure you ask about whether or not off the court instruction is a big part of the basketball camp experience as well.


As you plan for another summer on the hardwood, think hard about your options for how you’re going to spend your time. If attending a basketball camp is part of your approach, make sure you take a few of these thoughts into consideration, so you can get the best experience possible for your development.