Travel Lofoten For Recreational Satisfaction – Unique Travel Destination in Europe

Lofoten Island is popular among tourists for its fishing. Other than fishing, it offers many other attractions which one can enjoy. This article will share with you what to do while you travel Lofoten.

Enjoy the Northern Lights

If you have ever heard about the northern auroral lights displaying the marvelous view, you must have a desire to see it once in your life. You can fulfill this desire when you travel Lofoten Island. The best time to observe this natural light theatre is February, March and October. You can enjoy the best intensity during 6pm to 1am.

Nature Safaris:

To enjoy the Lofoten wildlife, arrange your trip any time between mid-October to mid-January. Upon your collective trip on passenger boats you can enjoy seals, sea eagles and killer whales.

Go Fishing: Going for fishing is a must when you travel Lofoten Island. If you are a true fisher and wants to spend most of your holidays enjoying fishing you must choose rorbu cabins for accommodation. This allows you to enjoy maximum time fishing, as they are near to the fishing sites.

Enjoy Golf:

The golf courses at Lofoten Island not only allow you to play golf but also to enjoy the best natural scenes due to the arctic shifts, nearness to the ocean and close mountain views. The months from mid-May to early August offers day and night play due to the availability of mid-night sun! So golfers, get ready to have your best golf experience ever.

Go Kayaking: Lofoten is one of the top ten kayaking destinations (as ranked by The Guardian – Newspaper); so don’t miss going kayaking when you travel Lofoten. I bet, this mountainous archipelago offers more fun and enjoyment than your expectations.

Travel Lofoten Museums:

Lofoten is known for its fishery culture, so visit the traditional museums displaying the boat engines, fishing boats, wrought iron cormorants etc. All too interesting to look! Popular museums are The Sund Fisheries Museum and The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum.

Go Rafting:

For adventurous souls, rafting is a robust experience. You will never forget the feel throughout your life. The open sea and the surrounding mountains are just enormous fun!

Hiking, Biking and Mountaineering:

Hike and bike lovers, get ready to experience Lofoten! There are many hike trails and cycling routes, so dress-up according to the weather and go enjoy your trip.

Now when you know where to go during your Lofoten trip, just book the accommodation, pack the bags and enjoy your holidays.